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Written in December, 2018 by JonellaB™.
To Be Continued ...


This year was special for all the little coloured girls, including myself, as we had sat in our homes to watch The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle on Saturday 19th, of May... Woo-Hoo! This wedding showed that coloured girls can have their own genuine Prince Charming too, despite half of the world being against it. It was also the first time that my mother and I did not attend the West Indian Day Parade, because the both of us were not well, but our Labor Day Weekend was still a nice one. I am becoming much better at updating my websites, including blogging, Amen!... HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU, AND YOUR LOVE ONES & ALL THE BEST IN 2019!


Written in December, 2017 by JonellaB™.
To Be Continued ...


This year, I took things slow, but finally updated many of web pages... Woo-Hoo, so please click on any of the buttons and connect with me today... HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU, AND YOUR LOVE ONES & ALL THE BEST IN 2018!


Written in December, 2016 by JonellaB™.
To Be Continued ...


I did some travelling this year! I had returned to my island home of Barbados, and it was great to see my family again... However, the heat on my tropical island was so much for me, that it kept my vertigo activated during the entire two months I had spent down there. Please click on the Facebook buttons to connect with me today... HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU & ALL THE BEST IN 2017!


Written in December, 2015 by JonellaB™.
To Be Continued ...


This year, I finally updated and completed the original Cover Photos for both of my Facebook fan pages... And as always, my drawings are looking flawless, Woo Hoo, so please click on the Facebook buttons and connect with me today... HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU & ALL THE BEST IN 2016!


Written in December, 2014 by JonellaB™.
To Be Continued ...

During the March of 2014, there was an unexpected power surge inside my apartment, so my Dell (Windows XP) desktop computer fried—literally.   When I saw how much of inside my computer was charred, I freaked out because all of my files (including my manuscripts), had not been backed up recently.   I was then told that nothing could be done about my computer, so I was going to loose everything.   Fortunately, I did not give up—and wanted a second opinion.   Reality was painful, and I was truly upset, BUT refused to believe that all of my original, hard work were destroyed just like that.   I asked someone else to take a thorough look at my desktop, before it was taken away to rest in peace.   The person took a good look at it, and told me that the area where my files were stored is okay, so all of my files were then transferred to a new Toshiba laptop computer.   I've always wanted a laptop computer because it was a huge convenience to me inside my small bedroom.   Now, not only did I purchased a new 17.3" computer, but a matching laptop case as well.   Thank you, Alex (Best Buy Store) for helping me with my computer situation.   May God bless all good computer geeks everywhere all over the world... HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU & ALL THE BEST IN 2015!


Written in December, 2013 by JonellaB™.
To Be Continued ...

It has been over a year, since I've became a part of the era in joining However, I am still trying to understand how to use this website to my advantage, so please click on the Goodreads logo to follow me today... HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU & ALL THE BEST IN 2014!


Written in December, 2012 by JonellaB™.
To Be Continued ...

This year was full of book editing over and over—again.   However, I have finally understood why my book is still not "best selling" ready.   Some areas of my book truly needs more research and reconstructing to improve the flow of the story, so please be patient with me a little longer... HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU & ALL THE BEST IN 2013!


Written in June, 2012 by JonellaB™.
To Be Continued ...

It is with great pleasure and happiness that I can finally, finally present my first romance novel   She Saved His Panthorian Soul ©   to you. This book was written 25 years ago, and it took me over one year to complete back then at the age of 15... Now, I am finally holding the finished product in my hands, and looking down at it, I can see all of my hard work was truly worth the wait. I truly hope that you will buy my book and enjoy reading it as much as I had enjoyed writing it... HAPPY SUMMER 2012 TO ALL OF YOU & GOD BLESS!


Written in December, 2011 by JonellaB™.
To Be Continued ...

This year, a favourite cousin insisted that I join LinkedIn, which is also a social, but professional networking site. However, I am still on Twitter most of the time, but please click on the LinkedIn badge and connect with me today... HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU & ALL THE BEST IN 2012!


Written in February, 2011 by JonellaB™.
To Be Continued ...

I've always wanted to be a fashion designer from the age of 10, after watching the one-hour classic called "Style with Elsa Klench" almost every Saturday morning at eleven o'clock on CBC television in Barbados during the 1980's. I've always known that I would become a Couture Fashion Designer for sure—and I did!   However, lets just say that my life did not turned out as planned because of evil people out there, and the fashion business is not as glamorous or as righteous as I was once led to believe.   I am strong and hard working, but it just came down to having good morals and a conscience, and having to deal with certain dishonest situations to get ahead in this business... I was not willing to do any of these bad things, which other persons wanted me to do!   Do not let anyone fool you, some people do get ahead honestly—those are the ones, who comes into the fashion business with money or those who had managed to land the good jobs with honest, decent bosses to help them with their growing careers... UNDERSTAND?

      I am still sketching many original fashion collections as I always do, and then, put them away in a safe place—sad, but true...   Maybe some day, my work will end up in a museum as the great fashions that never got to see a runway, LOL.   As far as I becoming a well-known fashion designer is concern, that is in the trash—unless there is still hope for me yet!

However, I can still dream about making enough from writing my novels, that I can eventually have my own small couture fashion house.
   This fashion house I hope to have some day before I die in my old age, will be called ?????, and it will be a great success!   It won't be a big fashion house, but will have a large range of loyal customers, who will love many of my clothing lines. To be honest with you, I had already created my official logo, label, and business card for my company since I was 20 years old... so, there is still a great possibility of my fashion house becoming a WONDERFUL REALITY...   GOD BLESS!


Written in December, 2010 by JonellaB™.
To Be Continued ...

This month, I have been thinking seriously about shortening my pen name, JONELLA BEAUTY, to a more catchy tune, JonellaB, which I think sounds much better, and others agreed with me as well. I do have more time to think about it, God's willing, and shall make a decision within the next month. Please note:   JonellaB is just the shorter version of JONELLA BEAUTY... HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU & ALL THE BEST IN 2011!


Written in December, 2009 by
To Be Continued ...


This year was also the era of joining social networking sites for me, websites like Facebook(a fan page), Twitter, and IMVU. I am mostly on Twitter, so click on the Twitter logo to follow me today... HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU & ALL THE BEST IN 2010!


Written in December, 2008 by
To Be Continued ...

Some people have asked me about my favourite things such as Food - rice and peas with fried or roasted chicken, and pickled cucumber with lettuce on the side; beef roti; conkies; beef stew with green mashed potatoes; Eggs... Drinks - Mauby; Plus Energy drink; Ginger ale; pure fruit juices like Pomegranate, Pineapple, and Orange... Snacks - Rough Tops cookies; Ovaltines biscuits; Apple Cheerios; all chocolates; combination sandwiches with Rye or Dark Wheat bread(never white), fruits, vegetables, and much, much more... HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU & ALL THE BEST IN 2009!


Written in December, 2007 by
To Be Continued ...

I have written fourteen Sci-Fi romance novels, twelve Fantasy romance novels, and seven Paranormal ones. Each one is different, and full of fascinating orginality—not the sickening kind. What I mean is that some books out there do crosses the line if you know what I mean... I do multitask a lot, sometimes writing two or three novels at a time... and loving it. Its easy for me to do because I can store each story or idea separately inside my brain, like how folders are saved inside a computer... but they never get mixed-up. However, I have taken my brain for granted sometimes, leaving new ideas that came to me at night to sort out the next morning—I never remember them when I wake up. Damn! I learned the hard way to write everything down while it is fresh in my mind, even if it is a small note or reminder... HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU & ALL THE BEST IN 2008!


Written in December, 2006 by
To Be Continued ...

Since 1987, I have written each romance novel, one romance after another from the heart. I've thought up many unusual ideas to give my books their unique characters and plots. Mostly at nights is when I allow my imagination to run wild and come up with story ideas. I do believe in having my novel characters go through many hardships in their stories, just like real people do, but always with happy endings because real life is already depressing enough. I also choose to write about fascinating novels for the sake of giving unhappy women a chance to dream about love and success. I do hope that anyone who reads my novel(s) would find them to be very fascinating and unusual, so enjoy my novels and let me know what you think of them... HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU & ALL THE BEST IN 2007!


Written in December, 2005 by
To Be Continued ...

Born and raised on the beautiful island of Barbados. I was taught to cherish every good thing in life. Later on in my teenage years, I was told that I am Dyslexic. Yet, it has never stopped me from doing what I love, writing love stories. In my early twenties, I came to the United States to be with my mother and to start a new life. However, strong inspirations to write more novels was still with me, so I began writing romantic stories with Sci-Fi, Fantasy or Paranormal themes again. As always, I enjoyed writing every single romance novel.

Two of my dreams are:

1) To have my books make you forget the stress of reality temporarily, and to dream of sweet impossibilities.
2) To become a wonderful, popular, best selling novelist in the future.

Right now, I am in the process of having the first of many hand written manuscripts publish. I can only pray that my wild imagination in my book(s) is to your liking and you will enjoy them over and over again.
You should also tell your friends about them.

Sign up to   MY MAILING LIST,   so I can let you know when my first book,   She Saved His Panthorian Soul   will be finally release and selling on the market. I hope you will be interested in purchasing this wonderful, exciting book. If you do buy it, please enjoy and Thank you very much. Do send me your comments about the book.

Besides writing my novels, I am also a Fashion Designer. I love designing Couture and hope to have a small clothing line on the market some day. I had designed my first collection at age eleven and knew it is what I also want to do in life. Besides, writing and fashion designing, there are three other things I love to do a lot, watching Public Television, Architecture and Dancing.

Last but not least, Jonella Beauty is my pen name and it is very dear to me for sentimental reasons. I am extremely excited to be sharing my novels with you, so if you wish to contact me. Please click on the moving visitor sign below...HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU & ALL THE BEST IN 2006!

PLEASE DO NOT SEND ADS OF ANY KIND TO ME! On the other hand, I do appreciate your emails very much. Thanks again for your interest in my books and website.

God Bless,

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